I love proofreading. It gives me immense satisfaction to find errors that have been overlooked – even more so when I'm able to correct them. I've always thought that my perfectionism was a hindrance because I care more about seemingly unimportant details than others; but, coupled with my love of words, it has become my greatest asset as a proofreader.

Because of the increasing demands on court reporters, I believe in the importance of having a team behind you that you can trust and you know will follow through. You should have little doubt in your mind that they will help you produce quality work every time, and you shouldn't ever need to choose between a polished transcript or your loved ones again.

My goal as a proofreader is to be one of those teammates. I want to be the proofreader that's reliable and available when you need me and an invaluable part of your team. It's important to me to build a long-term, trusting relationship based on mutuality. My priority is to do everything I can to ensure your success, because when you win, I win.


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