My Story

I've always had a passion for the written word. As a kid, I would spend hours upon hours devouring my favourite books (or any books really) with my trusty dictionary by my side; as a teenager, I found healing in writing poetry. After I graduated high school, I felt pretty lost about what I should do next. So, naturally, I took some time off. It was then that I realized I wanted to read for a living.
At first I thought that meant becoming an editor; however, for a few different reasons, I chose not to pursue that. A few years later, after my husband and I moved to Vancouver, B.C., I did some research and found a fantastic program with an amazing community behind it. I enrolled in the introductory course and instantly knew it was for me. I've since completed the Proofread Anywhere training, which included 3000+ pages of practice on actual transcripts, and started my freelance business.


My Approach

I aim for quality. I am not willing to do more than I can handle simply because it would mean a bigger paycheque. This means that I may sometimes have to say no in order to provide first-rate services.

I respect boundaries. When I say that, I mean the boundaries of others as well as myself. If I need time off, I will let my clients know well in advance. However, I do have a large community of other proofreaders that have received the same training as I have, and I would be more than willing to point in their direction.

I strive for integrity. As much as I try to do a perfect job every time, that just isn't possible. I welcome helpful feedback and will work with clients to rectify situations when necessary.

I desire growth. I am a fan of learning and will be continuously improving and honing my skills. I am part of a community of proofreaders that challenge me daily and, because they have a similar growth mentality, offer insights and knowledge of opportunities in this field.

I value honesty. When it comes to my business, I try not to oversell or misguide my clients about what I can do. I strive to have an open and honest line of communication with the people I work with. My ultimate goal is to have a trusting relationship between myself and my clients.


Find Out More

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